A resource spent by doing quests in Tavern. The longer the quest, the more thirst it consumes. It is displayed in Tavern as a progress bar, but visible only while your character is not busy.

Player controlled characters are living beings, work and rest should be in balance and after spending some time doing quests, they need a rest. The thirst for adventures eventually comes back after a good rest.

Acquisition Edit

Thirst can be accumulated up to 100. If spent, thirst units automatically reset every midnight.

Recovery by drinking Edit

Drinking makes your character forget all the pain and suffering from quests, bolsters mind and spirit and allows to work two times longer. But is it worth a cost?

It is possible to recover thirst by buying a drink (beer) from Barman. Each drink costs 1 mushroom and recovers 20 thirst. Every day, Barman sells up to 10 drinks maximum. Amount of available drinks reset to 10 every midnight.

Using this option results in additional 200 thirst, in addition to 100 that can be gained for free.

Use Edit

Thirst units are essentially a minutes. A time spent by doing quests in Tavern. The longer the quest, the more thirst it consumes.

Notes Edit

  • Amount of spent thirst depends on the length of quest. Everything that shortens amount of time spent in quest, saves thirst. A good mount (-30% or -50%) is highly recommended as the duration of quests is reduced - you can make twice as many quests with a Dragon (-50%) as without a mount.

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